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Savanah Gold (The Brits Are Taking Over) (2007)
Автор: Гавриил | 13 мая 2008 | Раздел: XХX | Просмотров: 6330
Savanah Gold (The Brits Are Taking Over) (2007)

Gold, thats all I have to say to you. She's my new favorite BTRA girl.
This girl has some huge fucking tits. I think I'm in love, with her
tits that is. And as if being fine wasn't enough, she has the sexiest
British accent that just drives me crazy. But enough of that, her tits
is what it's all about, those tits are insane, she's only like five
feet tall, with those huge knockers, nice little round ass, and perfect
little tummy. Now this girl is a freak, she was down for anything. As I
said before as if being beautiful wasn't enough, she is one nasty
British girl, she loves to suck cock, get fucked, and best of all she
loves to take the cock up her ass. When Tony D came over. It was like
the fucking British invasion. They hit it off so well, the chemistry
was so there. They just went at it, he sucked on her luscious tits, and
then she went for the cock, sticking that bug cock in that little mouth
of hers. When he was fucking her pussy, she asked him to stick it in
her ass. Tony had hit gold! Savanah Gold that is, he got hit that shit,
right in the asshole. Sex was hot! I love girls that love anal! Enough
said. Have Fun!

Savanah Gold (The Brits Are Taking Over) (2007)

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10 ноября 2008 14:34
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саванна одна из лучших!
2 апреля 2009 13:52
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to chto luchshaja sporu net, not wot odna li? w kadre na wskidku widno chto ih dwoe?!

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