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Project Aftermath v1.04
Автор: edikbirnt | 11 октября 2008 | Раздел: Игры | Просмотров: 759
Project Aftermath v1.04

Продвинутая аркадная стратегия в реальном времени.

In the aftermath of a great war, when your enemy has wiped out everything you hold dear, the time has come to regroup and strike back. Enlist in the Morphid army and use all the weapons and genetic powers at your disposal to eradicate the New Order menace!
Project Aftermath is an Arcade RTS game where you command up to four squads of soldiers in exciting battles in a retro-futuristic world. Equip your squads to suit your playing style, researching new items using the spoils of war; choosing from over 100 different weapons, armour, power-up augmentations and spell-like special attacks.
Engage in hectic massed battles against hordes of enemies. Capture strategic locations, rescue hostages and slaughter indiscriminately! Explore the landscape to locate hidden treasures and uncover the secrets of both your enemy and the mysterious planet you find yourselves on. Replay missions using fewer soldiers and items to earn greater rewards.
Action, mystery, hideous man\machine hybrids; Project Aftermath has it all.

Game features:
• Experience 10 missions of thrilling, fast paced action on a mysterious alien world.
• Command up to 4 Heroes and see them become more powerful as they gain experience.
• Classless Heroes mean that you can equip your squad your way, using over 100 different items in 1000s of combinations.
• You decide how tough a mission is. Over or under equip your Heroes to blast your way through or to challenge the online high score tables.
• Collect Honours for exceptional skill in battle.

• FIX: Possible problem on some video cards with 128MB or less of memory, causing missing particle textures and occasional crash. Also, caused poor frame-rates in some situations
• FIX: Possible to crash the tutorial by allowing the 1st wave of grunts to kill one of the instructors
• FIX: It was possible for level 1 to fail to complete if the player moved through the first bridge area too quickly
• FIX: It was possible for level 1 to fail to complete if the player didn't capture the second obelisk

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 9c
• 2 GHz
• 512 MB RAM

Resolution: Custom Fullscreen/Windowed
Размер: 171.3 Mb

Project Aftermath v1.04Project Aftermath v1.04Project Aftermath v1.04

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12 октября 2008 15:09
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Игра английская что ли? Без совершенного знания английского смысл то можно понять?
13 октября 2008 02:01
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а что там ты не поймешь?
2 ноября 2008 23:24
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это не ролевая, английский нужен на уровне знания пунктов меню. И без "русифекаций" глюков меньше.

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