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Readiris Pro v11 Multilanguage
Автор: YoungMan_03 | 25 мая 2008 | Раздел: --- | Просмотров: 742
Readiris Pro v11 Multilanguage

Программа распознавания текста, которая позволяет работать с документами на восточных языках с ориентацией текста справа налево или использующих слоговое письмо. Для этого достаточно загрузить специальный модуль с официального сайта. Readiris Pro уверенно распознает документы со сложной версткой, содержащие таблицы и иллюстрации. Сегментацию документа можно доверить самой программе, а можно и провести вручную. Поддерживается распознавание с обучением. Readiris Pro также очень быстро импортирует PDF-документы. Имеются средства редактирования изображений: фильтр удаления "мусора", средства увеличения резкости, балансировки яркости, контрастности, гаммы.

Что нового:
# Everything you expect from the most powerful OCR software
Readiris™ Pro 11 is the best solution for home and professional users. Save an incredible amountof time when converting any paper, PDF, or image document into digital files you can edit, archive, and share.
# Convenient interval scanning mode
Manually set the time interval between scans to greatly simplify the scanning process for multi-page documents on a flatbed scanner.
# Input formats
Readiris™ Pro opens the most commonly used images (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc.) and PDF files. It supports the compression formats DjVu and JPEG 2000 .
# Perfect table creation – NEW SPREADSHEETML
The new Microsoft format SpreadsheetML is supported. Based on XML, it generates richer editing and formatting of Excel files optimized for Windows Office 2003. Your tables are perfectly reproduced in Excel 2003, retaining the text and the colored background.
# Powerful PDF support
1. Create PDF files
Readiris™ Pro converts your incoming faxes, letters, or any paper documents into fully searchable PDF files at blazing speed! Share or archive your PDF files in up to 4 different types of PDF outputs: Image over Text, Text over Image, Text only, Image only.
2. Edit your PDF into Word, Excel, etc.
Turn your PDF files into Word, Excel or any of the supported output format!
# Capture handprinted notes
Digitize your handprinted notes thanks to I.R.I.S.’s latest technology. Simply follow the provided instructions and take advantage of this unique feature!
# Barcode recognition
Automatic recognition of 23 different types of barcodes, even 2-D barcodes! The information contained in your barcode is automatically retyped into your application.
# Intuitive and more functional user interface
Readiris™ Pro logical interface is the easiest to use of any OCR software on the market. 21 interface languages allow users to interact with the application in their own language.
# Open format compatibility
Perfect compatibility with open source office suites ‘OpenOffice’ and ‘StarOffice 8’.
# New optimized engine for speed or accuracy
The new OCR engine of Readiris™ Pro is optimized for speed or accuracy.
# New version of Autoformat™ technology
I.R.I.S.’ powerful Autoformat™ technology retains color backgrounds, text, and underlined text. Improved formatting of columned documents perfectly retains the original lay-out.
# Support of WordML and SpreadsheetML
Readiris™ Pro 11 supports Microsoft’s new format WordML and SpreadsheetML for a better lay-out reproduction and easier editing of your office documents.
# Impressive list of output files
Automatically send the recognized document into your favorite application such as: Word, Excel, Acrobat (PDF), Internet Explorer (HTML), Microsoft’s new WordML and SpreadsheetML or save it as an external file.
# Smart tools for easier use!
- Right-click any text zone to directly send it to your clipboard-Quickly print an overview of your scanned documents, in thumbnails, such as in MS PowerPoint
- Automatically attaches recognized documents to a new e-mail for even easier information sharing
- Right-click any image or PDF in Explorer to instantly load it in Readiris™ Pro

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